Introducing LOLLIPUFF! An Online Luxury Auction Site Where Every Item is Authenticated

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You wanted safer shopping and selling of luxury items outside of Herve Leger. Well, is finally here! You can now sell and buy Herve Leger, Chanel, and Christian Louboutin safer and easier and at great prices! In many ways, it's very similar to, but easier to use with great features such as buyer and seller feedback. 

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Lollipuff online auction for designer items

Selling and buying Herve Leger safely has been a huge success on HLO, thanks to all you wonderful gals! It has proven that a safer place to buy and sell high end items is possible! HLO has had 0 authenticity issues and had its first PayPal claim after completing over 200 Herve Leger transactions. This vastly outperforms any other online auction site! 

I quit my job in June and joined a group to build this exciting new site! After triple testing and a lot of work, we proudly present Lollipuff to you!

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As some of you may know, selling on HLO could mean a long wait time! Sometimes, it was 3 months! Yet, most of you stuck it through!

I hated making people wait, and even more, I hated turning beautiful Herve Leger down because of minimum bid amounts. Lollipuff really gets rid of these pesky issues because it's automated! Other improvements include: More brands; not just Herve Leger! Or, if your bid is not the current highest, you'll know automatically! Feedback for buyers and sellers! 

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Lollipuff currently covers Chanel bags, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Herve Leger clothing. Over time, we will add more designers as our authentication expertise grows. Some that we are planning to add include Balenciaga bags and YSL shoes! 

To all the HLO sellers who are currently on the wait list, you will receive an email shortly. We'll take good care of you. :) To the sellers who have items already listed on HLO but have not received bids, please feel free to list them on Lollipuff as well. If they sell on Lollipuff, just let me know, and I'll update HLO.

All items not marked sold or unavailable on HLO can still receive bids. So, if there's something that you want, please shoot me a bid at!

Please sign up for an account! It is completely free to have an account!   

Your happiness is paramount to me. I have always made it a point to respond to every email requesting advice, etc. Please don't hesitate to contact me via HLO or Lollipuff.

There's also a Lollipuff blog! This will be a personal blog like HLO. We have some exciting posts planned out in the future! Hope you enjoy it all!!

We're constantly working and brainstorming on ways to make Lollipuff even better! Please stay tuned for exciting changes! 

I am FOREVER grateful for all the wonderful emails, kind thoughts, and shared excitement for beautiful fashion. Lollipuff means so much to me, and it is because of you that it became a reality. It is so exciting to work on something that will provide amazing authentic luxury goods to everyone, and provide a safer platform to sell designer items!

Sincerely and truly, my very best and warmest wishes to you all for the coming 2013!