All About Strapless Herve Leger!

gorgeous dress

The elegance and beauty of strapless dresses is undeniable. However, it's not uncommon that some of you are concerned with issues like slipping, fit and hold. So, I'm sharing with you my collection of strapless Herve Leger dresses and my opinion of these bare shouldered beauties!

Strapless dresses have an infamous reputation for slipping down and requiring constant adjustment. But, because Herve is fitted throughout, this doesn't seem to be as much of a problem when comparing to most other strapless dresses. The only time I might see slipping being a problem with strapless Herve Leger is when the dress fits too loose in spots.

dress strapless mini

Some strapless dresses have added bra straps for extra resistance against slipping. I personally have not had any problems with strapless Herve Leger as long as the dress is the correct size, so whether the bra straps are there or not do not matter to me personally. 

inside bra strap bandage dress

But, there is a trade off for bare shoulders. With strapless beauties, I notice that the dresses tend to bunch a little more at the waist than my non-strapless Herve Leger. To me, it doesn't bother me and it's a small price to pay. Some people don't have this problem whatsoever.

black strapless monique dress

My Monique strapless! Love it because of the amazing extra firm hold that this dress has! 

black geometric abstract dress

Here's my second strapless, the Gisele! The pattern is absolutely gorgeous, and lines and bands are very flattering. 

To combat wrinkling at the waist, some strapless has boning on the inside! This black and white jacquard patterned strapless has small thin boning on the inside so that the top portion stays smooth. I still get a little wrinkling at the waist, but I really think it has more to do with my body than the dress.

Hope that you enjoyed my review of Herve Leger strapless dresses. If you'd like to see some current season strapless dresses that are my personal favorites, check these out: red sweetheart christelle, gray strapless with sequins, and bianca