Review of an IT Necklace: House of Harlow 1960 Station

great geometric designer necklace

The House of Harlow 1960 leather station necklace has been seen everywhere. It's a favorite accessory for advertisements and celebrities. This necklace is so popular, that I bet you've seen it at least once if not multiple times! Here's my review of this "IT necklace," that I've been super curious about.

house of harlow leather station panel necklace

This necklace never seems to go on sale! So, when Revolve Clothing got a 20% off coupon: LFPEOPLESTYLE (can be used on almost anything), I jumped on the opportunity to get this necklace.

Revolve Clothing has free shipping and free returns (within the US), and no tax for customers outside of California. This made the necklace that is normally $75+tax, $60!

house of harlow necklace

The House of Harlow 1960 station necklace comes in many different colors (burgundy, black, silver, taupe, abalone, abstract). All House of Harlow 1960 station necklaces thus far are 14K gold plated. The black and gold combo comes in two choices, leather and faceted resin. The one that I have and is pictured above is the leather one.

house of harlow quality

After eyeing this necklace for quite a while, it's finally here! To review this necklace, I compared it to two of my other statement necklaces. Can you tell which is the cheapest and which the most expensive? 

gorgeous statement necklaces

The spike necklace is from Forever 21 and cost less than $15. The braided silver one is about $30 and comes from Express. 

Surprisingly, even though the House of Harlow 1960 necklace is 14K gold plated, the quality is not noticeably better. Next to my cheaper statement necklaces, it doesn't seem so different. The panels are a good weight and the necklace is super shiny. But, inspecting it in your hands, it feels like a very average piece due to the light weight of the long beads and adjustable chain link.

But, it transforms when it's put on. Amazingly versatile, and in super luxurious gold and black combination, this necklace is very bold and flattering for both laid back outfits and dressed up looks. It matches so many things and makes nice outfits into awesome outfits; I can see how this can be a "go to" piece. It matches and enhances outfits much better than my other statement necklaces. The necklace stayed in place very well, and the stations rarely flip.

To give you an idea of how it looks, here are just a few celebrity spottings:  

Paris Hilton black station necklace

angela baby with designer necklace

Jessica Alba House of Harlow ad

Kim Kardashian beige dress

kourtney statement necklace pregnant

The Hills and house of harlow 1960

wearing geometric necklace

Lindsey black triangle shape jewelry

Lindsay black necklace

statement necklace

Melrose place necklace

blue dress nicole richie

Nicole richie with her own designs

Nicole Richie is the creator of House of Harlow 1960!

Stephanie Pratt beautiful gold black

Vanessa Minnillo

And, of course, my favorite, with Herve Leger!!!

gisele Herve Leger strapless dress

Rochelle dress

Though I was not impressed with the quality, the designs of House of Harlow 1960 are unique and bold.

different jewelry

Aside from the House of Harlow 1960's most famous and popular necklace, they also have many other bold edgy pieces. (red bangle, skull ring, wishbone necklace, triangle necklace, earrings, statement ring)

Hope you enjoyed the review of this highly raved piece! See what others are saying here and here.