Boobs and Herve Leger

pretty rainbow bandage dress

This post was inspired by my wonderful readers. Every once in a while I get an email asking if Herve Leger will work with a smaller bustline. To which, I respond, "It's beautiful; the size of your bustline plays a very small role in Herve Leger." Honestly, I mean it! To all of you who still question, I put together proof in this post JUST FOR YOU. 

Beauty is so much more than cup size or dress size. Beauty is everything put together; it's a complex combination of face, body, hair, how we act, walk and talk. Besides, small busted or large busted, curly hair or straight hair, we ALL want what the other has at one point of time! lol... 

In this boob obsessed culture, it's difficult finding pictures of celebrities with smaller busts in Herve Leger. As a result, many girls come to the conclusion, that Herve Leger just isn't for them. That's just not true! Enough jabbering from me, let's see the proof! Here are a few dazzling starlets/ songstresses who happen to be great beauties with A cups that are completely enchanting in their Herve Leger dresses!

Keira Knightley:

smaller busts with tight dresses

Dresses similar here and here

Joss Stone:

joss stone in beautiful dresses

Zoe Saldana:

gray tie Herve Legr

Eiza Gonzalez:

latina Herve Leger

Dress can be found here

Jessica Stroup:

Jessica Stroup Herve Leger

Paris Hilton:

paris hilton in herve leer

You may notice that sometimes Paris can have varying degrees of cleavage. The pictures above are of her when she does not have a good push up strapless bra or Nu Bra on. 

Herve Leger has always chased away any qualms I may have with myself. In the end, that's why so many of us love these designer dresses. It makes us completely forget any of our perceived flaws, and just enjoy feeling like a total headturner. 

Also, don't forget that a great bra can always be used to increase the bustline if wanted. 

try on Herve Leger

Dress found here.

If you haven't tried a Herve Leger yet and have the chance to, don't pass it up. The experience might completely change you. These dresses are very different to anything else, in a very good way. :)