Herve Leger Atlanta Boutique Visit

Oria bandage dress

Recently, I went to the Herve Leger Atlanta boutique. It's always so much fun trying on all the new dresses and getting an idea of what the current season is like. I also spotted a few dresses on sale at Atlanta that were not at San Francisco! 

First, let's start off with the sale dresses that we didn't see in the last sale post! Most of the sale dresses matched the sale at the San Francisco boutique except they had 3 additional styles. These first 3 were marked down 40% off.

pink bodycon trim dress

Does this look familiar? That's because I own this dress in the black and white version. I loved the black and white version, so it was so exciting to see Herve Leger redo this dress in super pretty berry colors. But, when this dress got zipped up, it wasn't as impressive as it was in white and black. The colors need more contrast, in my opinion. But, anyway, still gorgeous dress.

beige native american looking Herve Leger dress

It just goes to show that different body shapes suit different styles. This arizona dress was apparently one Atlanta celebrity's favorite. She purchased it before it got marked down by 40%. Even though this dress made her look like a million bucks, it did nothing for me.

white black a line flare dress

The flare of this dress overwhelmed my small frame. I think this a-line would better suit someone taller... By the way, I am 5' 5."

Now onto the dresses that weren't on sale but were picked based on how great they looked on the hanger!

coral short mini Herve Leger dress

The Oria! I loved the color! It is perfectly named: pink coral. I love all that's feminine, so pink, red and corals really strike a chord with me. I also loved the square neckline and mini length. For some reason, revealing leg rather than cleavage is more comfortable for me. Surprisingly, this dress is on sale here.

blue black colorblocked bandage dress

I knew that the interesting colorblocking was going to create some illusions. It did! It makes the hips look smaller and the bust look bigger; I need the exact opposite!

orange and gray striped chevron dress

Finally, I was really looking forward to this orange and gray dress! Why? Because it's all individually banded! Sure enough, it was my favorite! I feel like I can eat a large meal in this dress and not have it show due to its great construction!

Btw, not all Herve Leger dresses with different colored bands are individually banded. Sometimes, it's just dyed to look that way. :(

Here are some other dresses I was hoping to try on but they were not at the store: cranberry one shoulder, striped halter, tweed cap sleeve, pink and white (on sale).

If you want to get something at Herve Leger Atlanta, I can recommend Jomar as an SA. But, really, they are all great! Store number: 404-949-9725

Thanks so much for joining me on my trip. Hope it was helpful as always! :)