Herve Leger Illustrations

Herve Leger drawings

Time for something just fun! I was browsing online and ran across a gorgeous sketch of Herve Leger. After a few searches, I found quite a few drawings. They're absolutely beautiful and inspiring, so I thought I'd share them!

Herve Leger dress sketch

This first one comes from Max Azria!

gorgeous fashion sketches

Fashion sketches are a work of art, aren't they??? The one on the left is Herve Leger while the one on the right is BCBG Max Azria.

This was the initial drawing that caught my attention to Herve Leger illustrations. It came from erithemermaid.blogspot.com. She is an amazing artist. It's crazy that each one of these took her less than 10 minutes!

artist Herve Leger

I could not locate the original artist for this one. :(

Jerseygirl drawings

This drawing came from Jerseygirl.com. Unfortunately, her site is not online for some reason anymore. :( Obviously, just the first one is Herve Leger but all the pics are so whimsical that all of them needed to be shared. :)


Came from thefashionillustrator.com. I love seeing all the different styles of the artists!

black and raspberry Herve Leger

From thesydneygirl.com. 

Pretty neat, huh? Art and fashion are one and the same sometimes!  I hope you all enjoyed the sketches as much as I did!