Trying On Herve Leger 2012 Resort Dresses

Pink with black bandage dress

I'm sure that you've all seen the new 2012 resort line. Given its unique style, I was really looking forward to trying on some of these dresses. The dresses are a fairly recent addition in the HL boutiques. Here's some photos of my most recent visit to the Herve Leger boutique. It's totally different from the previous seasons; I had to share the dress trying experience with you all!


black white colorblock Herve Leger dress

This dress is called the Ilia. My personal opinion is that it makes the bustline look larger with its white borders. Best for those who have more hips than bust.

tron futuristic dress

The jade dress looks too much like it came out of the movie Tron and a bit too futuristic for me. You've got to have a special type of look and personality to pull off this dress.

pink orange black strappy dress

My husband really liked the Ginger dress. This dress is for the girl who REALLY wants to stand out. For body types, this best suits those who have smaller hips compared to the bust.

pink black celeste dress

My favorite was the celeste dress. Kind of simple but the black arm bands really make it a little extra special.

vertical line down the middle 

My favorite 2012 resort dresses here and here were not in the store yet. :( 

Hope you enjoyed my latest Herve Leger boutique visit. Hope this was especially helpful for those without a boutique near them! Do you have your eye set on a specific 2012 resort dress?