Muubaa : The Perfect Leather Jacket!

best leather jacket

It is getting quite cold now! I've been looking for the most perfect leather jacket to pair with Herve Leger! I've found it!! Luckily enough, it also makes my other outfits that much sexier and put together. And, it definitely pairs perfectly with all my Herve Leger skirts and dresses! After reading reviews online, inspecting photos and a trip to the mall, I laid down my few hundred dollars on MUUBAA! 


Some clothing are pieces of art (like Herve Leger ;) ) that everyone can appreciate, especially when put together correctly. A perfect leather jacket in the cold weather right now is a must for any Herve Leger dress!

As you know, finding the PERFECT leather jacket that fits superbly is quite a challenge! I searched an entire mall, tried on just about every remotely attractive jacket, and walked out empty handed. I can be picky picky! Closet space is SOOO precious, so each clothing piece needs to be worthy to take up the room!

In the end, after tons of time on the internet, I knew that the jacket would be either: DomaTheory or Muubaa.

In the end, I decided on Muubaa. And, I am so happy I did! :D

muubaa leather jacket with Herve Leger

Here's what I like about the Muubaa. Most of all, I LOVE the fit! It is very slim fitting, and does not have too much bulk. The styling is super HOT! It actually has wire on the inside of the jacket to create this edgy worn in look. All the detail and hardware really make the jacket stand out from the rest! So innovative and thoughtful! And, omg, the quality... The lambskin is a thin but supple and luxuriously SOFT leather.  

These retail for around $550. Most leather jackets that are of this quality and look this good sell for much more. I got mine on sale for around $300.

The only con about this jacket is that it's not really meant for truly cold weather. So, if you're expecting to wear this in a white winter wonderland, it will be very very cold. While the jacket definitely provides warmth, it's still more for the look rather than functional. :\ But, then again, I've never found a gorgeous close fitting leather jacket that was super warm as well.  

I wish that some designers would put a lining of teflon into a very stylish jacket. A super cute jacket that's warm... Wouldn't that be a dream?!? 

Also, Muubaa is a UK brand and isn't very common in the US. So, most people will need to order online. Even though I didn't get to try on this jacket beforehand, it happened to be the best jacket I've tried on! Never underestimate internet research. :D

slim fitting black asymmetrical leather jacket

The sizing is on the small side. I ended up with UK 6 or US 2. It runs similar to Bebe sizing.  


LOVE this jacket! It is SO SO soft! I've been wearing it almost every day!

Muubaa's reputation amongst those in the know is top notch. It's a fairly young UK brand, launching in Fall of 2007. With their focus and talent, they set out to create high quality cutting edge modern leather jackets at reasonable prices. It VERY quickly caught the eye of some very well known celebrities.

Here's some of my favorite celebrity outfits with Muubaa jackets!   

supermodel in leather jacket

Muubaa black leather jacket with Balenciaga too! Way too cute!

cute outfit with leather jacket

One of the best things about cold weather, jackets and scarves! 

gray studded leather jacket

LOVE LOVE Audrina Patridge's style. She pulls off the tough yet sexy look so well with a cute little white Chanel purse and gray studded Muubaa

lucina muubaa

cute tight jacketcheryl cole leather jacket

Hope you all enjoyed me sharing my newest lovely addition to my closet!

By the way, ALMOST FORGOT, the best place to get this jacket right now is HERE at Reverse. It's a member's only site that focuses on designer items at LOW LOW prices. It's definitely one of my favorite places to shop. Skip the waiting list by signing up here. They have the jackets on sale for as low as $200. Unfortunately, the ones I wanted were not in my size. :(   

For more jacket with Herve Leger pictures, check out my old post on Spring time Herve Leger jacket outfits post.  :)