Herve Leger Spring 2012 Runway Show

Herve Leger 2012 white gown

As many of you may know, Herve Leger displayed their Spring 2012 runway collection for fashion week recently. Sites all over the internet have been raving about the new line describing it as, "sleek, sophisticated, or a hit!" Here's some photos from the runway show including the video of the runway collection. 


Of course, as usual, a bevy of starlets showed up in their own Herve Leger to the show:

Celebrities at Herve Leger runway show 

Umm...is it just me, or does Kate Cassidy's hair look over greased? Jessica Szohr looked the best in my opinion. 

Ashley Simpson black Herve Leger dress

Le-Anne Rimes tan halter Herve Leger dress

The popular Kaitlyn dress in olive! The girl looks dazzling, but I have no idea who she is. I think I may have seen her in some WB tv commercial.  

sitting in front row of Herve Leger show

Look at all the lucky people in the background! I wonder what they had in their runway goody bag! 

white kaitlyn v neck dress

Again, the Kaitlyn dress in white! I don't understand it when people wear shades indoors or at night.

perforated leather jacket outfit

It's interesting; it's very rare seeing the Herve Leger jackets being worn. This perforated leather jacket retails for a whopping $3500! 

red Herve Leger bandage mini skirt

I do not believe I've ever seen this Herve Leger skirt in red before. I wonder if the model just wore a loose silk blouse over this dress. Either way, it looks really amazing! Those bandage skirts, whether BCBG power or Herve Leger, is a must in every woman's closet!

red sexy v mini dress

This red dress was yet another super popular style of 2011! It really looks too big for the girl though. 

green v neck bandage dress

The ever popular v neck essential! Looks like someone overly shortened it!

dramatic runway look

This dress reminds me of a swan taking flight. Really breathtaking and perfect for the runway!

fringe bandage dress

dress that looks native american inspired

This looks Native American inspired, or a tight rug. Obviously, I'm not a huge fan. :P 

Herve Leger strapless bandage dress

gold tulip foil dress

This shape and length just... cannot... work... on anyone less than 5'9." 

knotted and textured

Herve Leger runway looks 

Here's a video showing all fo the collection:


What's your opinion? Love it or hate it? What pieces would you buy?