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Silent auction explained

I've gotten a number of questions in regards to what a "blind bid" is or how to bid on an item here at Here's an explanation that will hopefully explain how the bidding works. 

A seller submits a minimum selling price to me. This amount is designated as the minimum bid amount.

From there, readers who are interested in the Herve Leger item contact me through email with their bid amount. At the end of a few days or a full week (this duration is determined by the seller), the highest bidder is contacted. The highest bidder pays the amount that she bid through Paypal.

This is very similar to how a "silent auction" works (taken from Wikipedia):

Silent auction is a variant of the English auction in which bids are written on a sheet of paper. At the predetermined end of the auction, the highest listed bidder wins the item.The auction is "silent" in that there is no auctioneer selling individual items the bidders writing their bids on a bidding sheet often left on a table near the item. The highest bidder pays the price he or she submitted.

Instead of paper, bids are submitted through email. I do NOT share with bidders the other bid amounts.  

So, to clarify, if a dress has a minimum bid amount of $300. And, the second highest bidder bids $340, and the highest bidder bids $355, the highest bidder wins the dress at $355.  

Typically, if a posting has been up for over 2 weeks and is not marked as sold, that means there were no bids. In these cases, just send a bid through email for the minimum amount, and the dress is yours! And, don't be afraid to bid the minimum amount at the start of an auction; you never know. Some dresses get LOTS of bids within the first few hours while others could be yours if you just bid the minimum amount. 

I hope this explanation helps. If not, leave a question in the comment section below. :)   

For more info on how selling works: check HERE.