How to Tell if a Herve Leger is Fake or Authentic FAST!

Spot the Fake: Herve Leger Tags

This trick will give you a good idea if your Herve Leger is authentic in less than 10 seconds and just by looking at the main Herve Leger tag! It's a mini authentication guide to my more detailed tag authentication that was so popular. This technique is best if you have the clothing item in hand rather than just looking at photos. If you are only looking at photos, it's still better to refer to the more detailed authentication post or know the dress/skirt style intimately. 

In order to use this technique, the photos need to be either in HIGH resolution like below, OR you will need to have the clothing in hand.

Just recently, I went through some of the eBay Herve Leger postings. Most of the Herve Leger dresses that were sold were actual counterfeits. Fake dresses typically sold from $100-$400, while authentic dresses tended to sell at $300 and upwards. I can't imagine that anyone paying over $200 KNOWS that they are buying counterfeit goods! It is really frustrating seeing all of this take place. First, how does someone have a clear conscious duping others and stuffing their own pockets repeatedly?? Second, it erodes Herve Leger's reputation. A real authentic Herve Leger is incomparable to a fake

This leads up to the next topic... Even the main Herve Leger label on a fake is lacking in quality when compared to that of a real label, MOST OF THE TIME. 


Authentic Herve Leger Tag


FAKE: Most fakes look grainy like this:

fake counterfeit designer tag



Real authentic Herve Leger clothing tag

See how the fake Herve Leger tag is so grainy? And, see how the lettering and fabric of the real labels is so smooth and crisp?? All past and current (excluding vintage) authentic Herve Leger have this smooth high quality Herve Leger tag. Thus far, I have not seen a smooth tag from a counterfeit dress. 

Please don't use the the lack of serial number as a authentication method, UNLESS you know which styles have serial numbers. For instance, no dresses from any of the seasons in 2008 came with a serial number.  

If pictures are not high resolution or if you don't have the item in hand, you cannot authenticate this way.

The picture below is of a fake, but just by the Herve Leger cloth tag alone at this distance and resolution, telling if it's real or fake is impossible:

far away low resolution Herve Leger tag FAKE

Hope you ladies enjoyed this quick trick! But, if you are on the market for a Herve Leger, I do recommend reading my more thorough Herve Leger tag authentication directions.  

And, just for fun, here are current favorite dresses! :) I have either tried on the dress or have been strongly recommended these styles by trusted readers that have been old Herve Leger addicts like me customers: Silver Sequined Kaitlyn , Olive Black Kaitlyn , Red Herve Leger Front Zip , Red Cross Bust , Deep V Neck Gray!

UPDATE!!!**** For all dresses before pre-Fall 2011, dresses should always have a crisp smooth Herve Leger tag as discussed above. However, from pre-Fall 2011 onwards, it seems that Herve Leger has made their Herve Leger tag grainier. This is really annoying as it will make it tougher for most consumers. 

Here is the pre-Fall 2011 (authentic) tag:

pre-Fall 2011 tag

Please note this has 3 borders.


All dresses, tops, and skirts before pre-Fall 2011 had smooth crisp tags. Some dresses from 2010, and all Spring 2011 have 3 square borders with smooth tags. Before then, all tags had 5 square borders and very smooth. Season pre-Fall 2011(and most likely future seasons)  always has 3 square borders and somewhat grainy texture and look. So, if you know what season or year the dress is from, it really helps in authenticating just by looking at the main Herve Leger tag.   

Please note that counterfeits oftentimes have the three square border tag as well. These are harder to authenticate by this way.

Still can't tell? HerveLegerObsessed also offers authentication services