Herve Leger Creative Director, Marie Mazelis, Quits Herve Leger and Random French Connection Sexiness

Marie Mazelis

Interesting things are happening at Herve Leger right now. Last weekend, Marie Mazelis departed Herve Leger / Max Azria after over 10 years of designing for them. As a creative director, she is an integral part of Herve Leger. Interestingly enough, Sarah Jessica Parker has also just left her position as creative director at Halston. There are rumors that Marie Mazelis is leaving to work at Halston, and that they are trying to snipe Ben Malka, BCBG president, too! But, who knows what's going on. There were also rumors that Max Azria will be trying to purchase Halston before it was made known that Marie was leaving!  

What we do know is that there may be some very big changes in Herve Leger. Will 2012 be the last year? Then, all my Herve Leger will become priceless relics! lol... Even then, I STILL would keep at least a few of my dresses!
Or will Herve Leger take this hurdle in stride and proceed with a new creative director? If so, it will be interesting to see what Herve Leger designs result from such a change. 
The Spring collection is still set to go down the runway. So, I believe the Spring and Resort line are a done deal! 
Anyway, that is some big news in the world of Herve and Max Azria!
In other news, I wanted to share some fun photos with you all. 

Jayde Nicole, Brody Jenner's ex-girlfriend on The Hills was recently spotted in the French Connection Spotlight Dress. This was the dress that I spoke about geing an impressive Herve Leger cheaper look alike.  

I also tried on and reviewed this French Connection Ribbons Spotlight dress

gorgeous tight bandage French Connection dress

body con red tight dress Jayde Nicole

pretty beautiful red french connection dress

Jayde Nicole in Red bandage dress

stunning red tight mini dress

model in red tight bandage dress 

I just don't know HOW she managed to get that dress to fit so tight? I have nearly gotten myself stuck in this dress because there is NOT a zipper on the darn thing. Perhaps, she got a tailor to add one in like Jen (one of the readers) did. Anyway, there are versions of this dress that DO have a zipper, but the red is not one of them. 

If you are interested in this dress, you can check it out in blackpink,  or a bunch of different colors.

There is also a strapless version that's on a pretty good sale price. Also, here's even a long sleeve version