Herve Leroux and Vintage Herve Leger

The original creator

Many of you may not know this, but the original creator, who is not BCBG's Max Azria, of Herve Leger still produces bandage apparel under the name of Herve Leroux. The items definitely are priced higher... but take a look at what he currently creates and has created in the past. 

Herve Leger was wildly popular in the 80 and 90's. In 1999, BCBG bought out the name Herve Leger. The bandage dresses were re-introduced in 2008. Since then, it's experienced the same fame and popularity that it experienced before.
The original bandage King, Herve Leger, is now producing his own creations under the name Herve Leroux.  
His current designs under Herve Leroux and older creations, now considered vintage Herve Leger, continue to be popular and highly coveted items.
As an example, the amazing flawless beauty, Megan Fox wearing Herve Leroux: 
Classic bandage black dress
Megan Fox donning another little black dress from the Herve Leroux line: 
Herve Leroux dress black mesh tight
Celebrities also wear vintage Herve Leger. The below has a very interesting basket weave pattern.  
beige vintage Herve Leger mini dress
And, take a look at this vintage Herve Leger! Breathtaking and absolutely timeless: 
blue mini bandage dress
The next few pictures are of more vintage Herve Leger. These pictures were taken from http://decadesinc.blogspot.com/, a blog for a high end vintage boutique.  
black criss cross Herve Leger
It's crazy how similar some of these dresses look to the current designs. Beautiful then and beautiful now! 
tan Herve Leger bandage dress
black front zip bandage dress
bright yellow bandage dress vintage
Love this rich yellow orange color! 
Herve Leger dress 90's
And check out the these two Herve Leroux dresses: HERE and HERE. What do you think of the Herve Leroux dresses? 
Does anyone own a vintage Herve Leger or Herve Leroux? I'd love to hear what you think about how they compare to current Herve Leger dresses, made under BCBG.
I've got some exciting stuff coming through the mail... So excited! You'll find out soon... ;)